She #1

She was trying very hard to be desired. Everything about her was breathtaking. From the silk of her hair to her perfect aligned toenails. Her body was toned to perfection from daily gym classes and very exclusive aesthetic treatments. And everything she put upon herself had to be ravishing. Very long cleavages, very short skirts, very high heels, very expensive jewellery. Everything about her was attention grabber. Her smile was sweet and genuine. Her eyes were endless pits of warmth. Her skin was soft to touch, and through its pores anyone could feel the intensity of the burning fire that was feeding all of her intimate desires. And yet, no one desired her.

She #2

All she wanted was to be loved. Someone to love her like she thought she deserved. As she thought anyone deserved. She had already met the love of her life. And she had lost him because they simply had different understandings of what life should be. They could just not accept each others ideals and goals. She had been taught that a relationship was meant to be between two people, until death (or treason) do ‘em part. Nothing more, nothing less. He had different ideas. 

She #3

She build her family since she was 16. Married during her accidental pregnancy, she knew she had to be stronger than anyone she knew. Two years later, her mother dies. Alone with a father, a husband and a baby boy, she could had just given up. But she had never given up before. From premature newborn to school class president, her trust in herself knew no boundaries. She had learned from her heroines how to be what she wanted and nothing would stand in her way.

She #4

She was fun. All she did was make fun of everything. People around her were always laughing. She was the life of every party and the heart of every gathering. She never took anything seriously, specially herself. Everything was casual about her. The way she looked, the way she dressed, the way she behaved. She was always on the move. Nothing was stable about her.

She #5

She wanted all. She had always made her parents proud. She was the best student of her year and now she was the best at her job. She knew everything there was to know about medicine and loved taking care of people. Also, she had found the best partner for her life. A successful entrepreneur, from good families, that made her felt loved. So they got married. She had everything she wished for. Except sex. Well, at least the sex she wanted. The sex she was having was definitely not enough. Her husband was a one trick pony.
Their sex life was boring as fuck.

She #6

She didn’t know who she was. She had been an actress for as long as she remembered. Always performing for others. Since she was a baby, she put on a show just to get more attention, more care, more love. And from the time she started talking, all she did was question things, specially herself. Then she went to school. And all she wanted was to know more. Her curiosity made her fearless. She always wanted to get out of bed early, go further, reach higher, make something, be somebody, specially if she could be somebody else.

She #7

She was a mother of three. That’s how she presented herself to anyone. She didn’t remember how long she was married, or even why, but she remembered how many kids she had. She lived for them. She worked at home, baking cakes for parties and events, but every other second of her time was spent with the kids. Ten, seven and four. Those were their ages. Three kids with three years apart from each other.
They were her life, her reason of being.

She #8

She’s been divorced before. Now, for the second time, a man had left her. And again for another woman. She felt like the last piece of shit on earth. She felt unworthy. She had two kids. One from each marriage. A boy and a girl. One 8 the other 12. At least she had them, she thought. And the house. And her job. And her health. Her health was important. And some friends. It wasn’t all that bad, she thought. But why can’t I keep a man? She was smart. She was funny. She was caring. She was in good shape for her age. She had a stable job. She knew how to cook, how to take care of the children, how to be a good lover. “What could a man want more?”, she asked one of her friends.

She #9

She had always been popular. Everyone envied her. She had the looks, the sympathy and the charisma that it’s almost unfair to combine in just one person. She had been a model since she was a baby, for one of those baby food commercials. Then she was a model for children’s clothes, toys and music videos. She had always loved to be in the spotlight. It made her feel special. She had all the attention. She didn’t have to try too hard to get what she wanted, so she never did.