She #1

She was trying very hard to be desired. Everything about her was breathtaking. From the silk of her hair to her perfect aligned toenails. Her body was toned to perfection from daily gym classes and very exclusive aesthetic treatments. And everything she put upon herself had to be ravishing. Very long cleavages, very short skirts, very high heels, very expensive jewellery. Everything about her was attention grabber. Her smile was sweet and genuine. Her eyes were endless pits of warmth. Her skin was soft to touch, and through its pores anyone could feel the intensity of the burning fire that was feeding all of her intimate desires. And yet, no one desired her. She was masturbating everyday, everywhere, thinking about all the lost possibilities. The store clerk, the reception security guard, the construction worker, the cab driver… even the homeless man sleeping on the subway station. She would go to a public bathroom, or stand on a hidden street corner, or just squeeze her hand tightly between her legs in a crowded place, and she would have epic orgasms by herself, eyes rolling back, lips bitting, legs shaking, deep breaths, trying not to get caught, thinking about how could she be decently fucked by someone who actually wanted to fuck her. Fucked in every possible way. Multiple ways. Simultaneous ways. She didn’t care. She just didn’t want to go back home and spend any more sleepless nights beside her big, fat, billionaire husband, that could not even get his dick hard for a mildly satisfying spooning.