She #2

All she wanted was to be loved. Someone to love her like she thought she deserved. As she thought anyone deserved. She had already met the love of her life. And she had lost him because they simply had different understandings of what life should be. They could just not accept each others ideals and goals. She had been taught that a relationship was meant to be between two people, until death (or treason) do ‘em part. Nothing more, nothing less. He had different ideas. He was a libertine. A free spirit. A moonwalker. He wanted an “open relationship”. He wanted to be with other people. And although he would consent that she could also be with other people, she didn’t want it anyway. So their balance was uneven. But they loved each other so much. That was undeniable. And she knew that because they were very jealous of each other. That was always a good measure, she thought. He was only quicker at overcoming it. And she was not ready for that. Not yet. Not with him. Not like this. But she tried. For a whole year she tried. But after that, it was too much for her. So it was decided that it would be best for each other to follow their own separate paths. And now she was back to square one. Not with a broken heart, but with a different one. Her emotions were the same, but her mind wasn’t. She was not looking for a simple love anymore. She was looking for a love bigger than the one she had before. And that was probably the most difficult thing she could wish for. Because everyone seemed too little for her. There was no challenge. Everyone was so similar. And so similar to her. Everything was exactly as she expected it would be. And for her, that was just not good enough. How could she transform her life if she was looking for something different in the same places, with the same people? She just couldn’t be satisfied with the same romance and regular sex. She wanted more, more, more… but not too much. She wanted the “right” man for her. But that seemed to be an impossible task. So she decided to go online. With so much offer and so many algorithms, she would surely find a perfect match. So she picked her best summer photos and made her profile. Shortly enough, she started exchanging messages with several different men. Most of them married. Others just wanted sex. Others so shy about her beauty and  confidence that they didn’t even know how to make a conversation. But it was easy for her to get the most intimate confessions out of them. They would tell her everything she wanted to know, just with the slightest hint of flirting. And she loved it. They would promise her everything, in hopes of getting the privilege of sharing one moment of pleasure with her. She got love messages from all over the world. She had never been so loved before. But she didn’t knew what to do with all that love. She just knew it wasn’t real. She knew it all came from the desire she created in those men’s minds. But she didn’t care. She had them where she wanted them. And now she needed to feel them. So she created an event online. “For all of you who desire me”, she wrote, “I invite you to be at this event with your minds open and your dicks hard. I’ll be waiting for you”, she added, “ready for you.” And so, on the scheduled day, at the scheduled hour, at the scheduled place, she was waiting for her fans, naked, tied to a bed, in a small dark room. As the hours passed, there was no sign of anyone. She felt like she had jumped into an empty pool. She wanted to be fucked by hundreds of men. She needed to be fucked by hundreds of men. She needed to feel desired. She needed to feel loved. She needed to feel alive. But, at that moment, she just felt like an empty body, oozing of desire. She felt lost. She felt ashamed. She felt like the world was a big, fat, stinky lie. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. She smiled.