She #3

She build her family since she was 16. Married during her accidental pregnancy, she knew she had to be stronger than anyone she knew. Two years later, her mother dies. Alone with a father, a husband and a baby boy, she could had just given up. But she had never given up before. From premature newborn to school class president, her trust in herself knew no boundaries. She had learned from her heroines how to be what she wanted and nothing would stand in her way. It was the men of her life that had to keep up with her. And there was no way she would be expected to do everything by herself. She transformed a mourning widower father into a dynamic and caring grandfather. She transformed her lazy and egocentric husband into an ambitious and respectful man. And she educated her son to be a strong and well mannered young boy. And then she had a baby girl. So, for 20 years, she was a restless leader. She was a successful woman, mother, daughter, wife and, above all, proud of what she had accomplished. She had friends, hobbies and a life full of constant challenges. But after 20 years, in a casual visit to the grocery store, she found a long lost friend. A special friend from her early days, before motherhood, before wifehood, before womanhood. And so they talked, casually. And they went out for a coffee, casually. And they chatted online for hours, not so casually. And suddenly, one day, in a simple message, her friend told her a secret. A secret so intimate that touched something deep inside her and set her thoughts on fire. And for the next days she couldn’t sleep without having intense, sweaty, wet dreams. Her mind was in ecstasy. Her daily life continued as scheduled, but she couldn’t manage to do anything as usual. Often she was caught daydreaming in her son’s soccer games, not watching him, not cheering when he scored. She was breaking things, pinching her daughter’s hair while combing it, putting too much salt in the food and forgetting the steps of her daily Zumba routine. She was mesmerised by something. That secret made her think because it was something she had never thought about. And now the idea was there, in her head, in her dreams, in her gut, in her most intimate desires. She could feel her body shiver just by thinking about the possibilities it implied. But if she was to follow her dreams, it would mean loose everything she worked so hard for. Would it be worth it? Could she leave everything behind because of her curiosity? The risk was so big, but her desire was so intense. One night, lying in her bed, her phone vibrate, the light turned on. A message from the lost friend. “I’m going. Would you like to come with me?”. She turned the phone off, desperately. And as she did, she felt a drop of transparent liquid slowly burning down her right leg. Her fingers lingered down. Her husband was breathing heavily beside her. But on that night, she was not his wife anymore. Not in her thoughts, not in her dreams and not in her multiple… silent… orgasms.