She #4

She was fun. All she did was make fun of everything. People around her were always laughing. She was the life of every party and the heart of every gathering. She never took anything seriously, specially herself. Everything was casual about her. The way she looked, the way she dressed, the way she behaved. She was always on the move. Nothing was stable about her. Since she left her parents house she slept everywhere, from tiny bedrooms to small closets, and worked at everything, from motel receptions to dog walking. Her life was loose. Nothing could hold her down. Not even the casual guy who would offer her too many drinks at a party, or the guy who would confess his endless love for her after too many drinks. She had her share of fucking wannabe players and hopeless romantics. She just didn’t care. They where useful. They helped brake the routine. But then came the day of the funeral. One of her friends had died in a car crash. She was in shock. She cried for hours. During the funeral, she couldn’t even stand. She sat on the ground, while her friend was being buried. And she sat there long after it. Her head looking down, covered by her long blonde hair. It seemed like years have passed when suddenly she felt fingers spreading her hair apart and gently touching her skull. She looked up and she saw another pair of watery eyes staring back at her. I was her friend’s sister. She smiled. Their fragile hands touched and became strong enough to pull them up together. They hugged. Their bodies stirred with the convulsions of sad tears. But then they stopped. They just stood there. Their bodies melted in each other. The silence was heavy. The friend’s sister was the first to break the connection. The warm hands grabbed her cheeks and she looked her deep in her eyes. Their wet faces where red of emotion. The corner of their lips trying for their life to point upwards. Their teeth to break those lips apart. The eyebrows to not frown. And all that happened. For a brief moment. The gloominess became luminous. Their eyes danced together. They smiled. They felt happy. They felt alive. They had each other. They where there. They kissed. All those good times they had. All those moments of pleasure they had since kids. All those innocent hidden kisses they shared. All the times that they dressed and undressed each other pretending to play. All those summer midnight skinny dips on the beach. All those undercover ass grabs and explicit boob grabs. All those private talks about fucking guys, and how to do it right, with details and technics. All those small moments that build up their relationship since they where teenagers, and that had to stop after they finally fucked each other on a camping trip, because their families would never accept it, passed before their eyes. They hadn’t seen each other in years, but time does not have the same speed inside a passionate heart. She felt her heart skip a beat. And then she closed her eyes. She needed to enjoy her sadness one more lifetime before it was fun again.