She #5

She wanted it all. She had always made her parents proud. She was the best student of her year and now she was the best at her job. She knew everything there was to know about medicine and loved taking care of people. Also, she had found the best partner for her life. A successful entrepreneur, from good families, that made her felt loved. So they got married. She had everything she wished for. Except sex. Well, at least the sex she wanted. The sex she was having was definitely not enough. Her husband was a one trick pony. Their sex life was boring as fuck. She spent most of her spare time watching porn. Big dicks porn. Gangbang porn. Violent porn. As she masturbated she spanked herself. She wanted to feel something strong against her skin. She wanted to be marked, tamed, dominated. She wanted something intense. But all she got was a 2 minute missionary on every other Sunday. She had tried to spice things up at home. She brought all kinds of accessories, but it was like watching a surgeon operate with the skill of a construction worker. She could just not get to orgasm when she was with her husband. In the beginning she believed she could make something out of him. They knew each other since primary school. He had always been in love with her. So she became found of him. And so, in high school, they became lovers, and they lost their virginity together. It was awful, but they liked each other so much that they just didn’t care. With time and experience they would get to the point of having epic and mind-blowing sex. Years passed. They got used to the routine. She was focussed on being the best at what she did. He was starting his company. Not much time. Too much stress. Both so tired. Spare time just to be with friends, family or to watch a movie and eat junk food. Sex was just not that of a big deal. He got used to it. She didn’t. All the advances she made felt like pressure to him. Got him too anxious. Either he didn’t got an erection or he would come to soon. He became desperate. She became more desperate. She thought about options. Lingerie. Toys. Treason… but she couldn’t do it. He told her she talked in her sleep saying things that sounded like porn movies. She pretended not to know what he was talking about. He started traveling a lot because his company was expanding. She felt even more alone. They tried phone sex, webcam sex, even making small sex videos to send each other. At least she did. But for him everything was too embarrassing. It wasn’t working. So, after he came back from another trip, they sat down to talk. She told him she wanted more. He told her he didn’t knew what he wanted. She understood. So she made a phone call. Five minutes later, there was a knock on the door. She told him to open the door. He went. When he opened the door, he saw a very fit tanned man, with a tight shirt and ripped jeans. The man was carrying a rope. He looked at her, astonished. The man picked him up and dragged him to the bedroom. Sat him in a chair beside the bed and tied him with the rope. He didn’t even try to move. She entered the room, very slowly. The man finished tying him up and then grabbed her. She let herself be grabbed without hesitation. She was thrown to the bed like a rag doll. He just watched. The clothes were ripped from her body and the man started to devour her with his mouth, his hands and his cock. He was shocked. His face was red. His gaze was furious. His dick was hard. The man fucked her like an animal. She was screaming with pleasure and having successive orgasms. Something he had never seen before. It was the most fascinating spectacle he had even watched. He felt ashamed, overpowered and very, very aroused. That was the proper way to fuck his wife. That was the pleasure she deserved. He wished he could give her that. He wished he could be that man. She knew that. And then it ended. The man got dressed. She stood still on the bed, exhausted. Both were sweating like they had ran a marathon. The man untied him and grabbed him by his hard cock. Looked him in the eyes for a brief eternity and then left the room. The air was thick, smelly, heavy. He almost couldn’t breath. But he stood up. Undressed his pants, took off his shoes, boxers and socks, and jumped to the bed. Then, they had the best 3 and a half minutes of missionary sex of their entire life.