She #7

She was a mother of three. That’s how she presented herself to anyone. She didn’t remember how long she was married, or even why, but she remembered how many kids she had. She lived for them. She worked at home, baking cakes for parties and events, but every other second of her time was spent with the kids. Ten, seven and four. Those were their ages. Three kids with three years apart from each other. They were her life, her reason of being. She could be in the other side of the world, that if any one of them needed her, she would be back in a second just to take care of one knee bruise or sing them one more goodnight song. She often forgot about things, but she remembered everything about her kids. No medicine time was missed. No clothes, toys or accessories were lost. Every meal and school snack accounted for. Every ear cleaned. Every nail cut. Every friend mother’s phone number memorized. Nothing was more important for her than them. One time, she left for a road trip vacation with everything inside the car, except her husband. Sometimes she didn’t even remember his name. In bed, they didn’t even look at each other. The lights were off before they reached the bed. She remembered having sex three times, counting by the kids. But she didn’t remember much more. One day, there was a delivery made to her house. She thought it was weird because she wasn’t expecting anything to be delivered. But she got it, signed it, and opened it. There was a card. The card said something about having a pet dog that she didn’t understood. So she opened the box and inside there as a dog collar. That made her think. Who would send her a dog collar by mail? She checked the address again. It was her address. But there was no name. Was it a joke? Did her husband thought she would find it funny? Or some other person? She thought it was too weird to be true. So she put it away in one of her many closets. She would deal with that some other time. Then, one day, after she took her kids to school, she heard a noise as she was entering her house. Very loud footsteps were coming towards her from behind. High heel footsteps. She turned around and saw a very tall woman, with long red hair, black lips, dark glasses, dressed in black leather, with a chain belt and a leather collar with a small steel ring. The woman approached her, touched her gently in her shoulder and asked if, by chance, she hadn’t received a package recently. She choked. It was her new neighbor. Now that made sense. The package was for that woman. Same address, same floor, wrong door. The woman took off the dark glasses and asked again, now with a softer voice, leaning closer to her, with her black lips almost touching her cheeks. She flushed. Stuttering, she said yes. The woman applauded with joy. Could you give it to me, she asked. She flushed again. The second yes was almost unheard. She opened the door, hand trembling. She felt so small and insignificant in her mommy clothes, messed up hair, non-existent make up, not even with her daily hygiene routine done. She realized she didn’t even felt worthy of a dog collar. So she went to her bedroom as fast as she could in her worn out shoes, and came back with the package. The woman was standing by the door and, as she saw the package coming closer, her eyes opened wide, as well as her smile. She gave the package to the tall woman. The woman thanked her with a kiss on the lips, and she was instantly paralyzed, like it a kiss from Medusa herself. The woman turned around, crossed the hall and entered her house. The door slam woke her up from stupidity. Her tongue tasted the black lipstick that the woman had marked her with. Her eyes blinked. Then, with an unconscious move, she shut her door. Automatically she went to the kitchen wondering what she was doing there. Se had forgotten. The sunlight, reflecting on her baking machine, hit her eyes. It was too strong, coming from the huge kitchen window. So, as a blind bat flying in a pool of light, she went to the window to close the shades. As her eyes adjusted to the less oppressing light, she peeked between the shades and saw the black lip’s woman in her bedroom, talking to someone in her computer. She leaned forward, the shades almost cutting her nose. The woman stood up and started undressing in front of the screen. As the woman took each piece of clothes, she felt a rush of heat running thought her. Her hands sliding through her belly towards her legs. Her thighs squeezing. Her chest beating. Her breath deepening. The woman was now just in her lingerie, with a body sculptured to the limit of perfection, in a way that made her natural nakedness seem photoshopped. Behind the shades, she felt her mouth drying. One of her hands grabbed one of her breasts. She had never been so fascinated by another woman. Then she saw her neighbor opening the box and grabbing the dog collar. The woman strapped it on her neck and leaned over the computer screen. Then laugh. The woman’s ass was pointing directly to her eyes, shaking it and touching it. Then spanked it. She jumped back. The woman was hitting herself. So strange and so exciting at the same time, she thought. Then, she leaned over again and saw the woman taking of her laced panties very slowly. She was so excited that she couldn’t help but to touch herself. Her “granny panties” were soaked. Her fingers couldn’t stop rubbing her clit. Her nipples were so hard she had to pull the “soccer mom sweater” up to pinch them tighter. Then, suddenly, the woman disappeared from sight. She gasped. Her hands were already inside her, she could not stop. The woman reappeared and had something in her hand. It looked like a small steel dart attached to an animal tail. The woman stepped onto the bed and positioned herself on all fours. Then, she put her head down, and with one hand, she started to insert the small steel dart inside her ass very, very slowly. The woman was doing it for the person watching on the computer screen, but she, behind the shades, like a textbook pervert voyeur, was watching and feeling everything as she was there with her, helping to put that strange object inside that gorgeous girl ass. She felt overwhelmed by all that. Her body was trembling, almost to the point of orgasm, just by thinking about all that. In her personal life, she didn’t even think it could be possible to feel pleasure by putting something in her own ass. She had never tried it. Her husband never mentioned it. None of her friend would talk about it. But now, out of nowhere, there it was, a woman like her playing with it like a toy. The more she watched it, the more she felt she wanted to be like that woman. She had never thought about experimenting anything different from what she had. She had forgotten how to search for pleasure. She had forgotten how to learn more about herself. She had forgotten how to be a woman, besides being a mother. And now she wish to be someone else. She wanted to feel that small steel dart being inserted inside her own ass. She could imagine how it felt. The cold steel entering her boiling tight ass. Her body adapting to that new object and feeling it pressing inside her. Seeing the fluffy tail coming out of her ass, like she was a wild animal. The thought of someone wanting to fuck like an animal. It was too good, too different, too tantalizing. It was too much for her imagination to take in one blow. The orgasm that followed was so intense that she screamed a little. The open windows made the sound reach the woman’s bedroom. The woman in the bed turned her head and saw her behind the shades. Her uncontrollable movements and the reflection of her humid eyes gave her presence away. They stared at each other in brief shock. The woman, on her hands and knees, with a dog tail hanging out of her butt, and she, now petrified, with her hand caught between her legs. The woman gave her a wink and shook her ass, like a happy puppy. She looked away, ran to her bedroom and hid under the bedsheets. The day passed. Not even one party cake was made. For the first time in her motherhood life she was late for picking her kids at school. No baths were given. No homework was made. Dinner was not served in time. There was even ice cream after, even though it was a week night. Dad got home and everyone was still up. He even had to heat its own dinner in the microwave. He even had to help with the washing of the teeth and the reading of the stories and the singing of the songs. She didn’t do anything a mother should do. She didn’t even sleep that night. She didn’t felt exhausted like all the other nights before. And she didn’t care, because for the first time, she had more important things in her mind.