She #8

She’s been divorced before. Now, for the second time, a man had left her. And again for another woman. She felt like the last piece of shit on earth. She felt unworthy. She had two kids. One from each marriage. A boy and a girl. One 8 the other 12. At least she had them, she thought. And the house. And her job. And her health. Her health was important. And some friends. It wasn’t all that bad, she thought. But why can’t I keep a man? She was smart. She was funny. She was caring. She was in good shape for her age. She had a stable job. She knew how to cook, how to take care of the children, how to be a good lover. “What could a man want more?”, she asked one of her friends. “Younger girls”, her friend promptly responded. But then, they both laugh. Stupid men, she thought. And they had tequila shots, toasting to all the assholes in the world. It was in one of those nights, a girl’s night out, when the kids were away, each with their own fathers, that she planned to end the world as she knew it, one tequila shot at a time. Her friend, a younger woman, was always happy to join in her downfalls. So they start going to all the places that had ladies’ night, so they could find stupid horny men who would pay for their drinks hopping to get something in return. She felt so powerful on those nights. She felt she could control every man’s desire. She felt she could make them do anything, although she had never done anything with them. Not in those contexts. She had never even had a one-night stand. She had married the guys she had fucked. It was just the way she was. But on that night, her friend asked why she wouldn’t give it a try. Hook up with a stranger. Why not? Let the world end with a bang. So, one night, after the eight or tenth shot of tequila, she thought, yes, why not? And stepped onto the dance floor. Tumbling thought the crowd, she grabbed every strong arm, touched every hairy chest and kissed every bearded face. In a second, she was surrounded by a pack of salivating predators with their testosterone pumping. She danced and rubbed herself to each and every single one of them. She felt they dicks hard, their wondering hands and their feral looks. They all wanted her. They started to close up on her. The room started to become small from all that tension. And suddenly, the world began to end. The men started to fight. Punches were thrown. Bones were broken. Blood was splattered. Glass was shattered. Panic insured. She didn’t know what to do. But in the mist of the chaos, one hand grabbed her wrist and took her away. She runs for her life. Everything was a blur. Until it stopped inside a car. “Are you ok?”, a voice asked. She was too tired and too drunk to say anything. She couldn’t even see who was asking. But then, two hands grabbed her face and her eyeballs stopped twirling. She could not tell if it was a man or a woman. She only felt two strong cold hands on her face and a fresh breath coming from the person’s mouth. She saw heavy eyebrows, thick lips, large nose, perfect teeth, dark brown eyes and short blonde hair. “Are you ok?”, the voice asked again. Suddenly she felt something plastic touching her lips and a liquid entering her mouth. “It’s water, don’t worry”, the voice said. She drank. Two minutes after, her vision became clearer. But even then, she could not define who was the person in front of her. “Do you want me to take you home or do you want to call a cab?”, the voice asked. “Home”, she said. She mumbled her address and they went. They arrived. The stranger picked her up and carried her to her door. “Will you be ok”, the voice asked, after putting her down. “No, come in”, she said. “Keys”, she said, not able to search for them in her bag. The stranger took the keys from the wallet and opened the door. They entered. She grabbed the stranger by the coat and pulled it to the bedroom. She threw the stranger onto the bed and started to undress herself. The stranger didn’t move. “I want you to fuck me, stranger”, she said. And took her coat off, her shoes off, her top off, her bra off, her skirt off and her panties off. “I’m naked”, she babbled, “do I make you hard”, she asked. “Hum…”, the stranger hesitated. “Let me see”, she said, and got on her knees. She started to unbelt the belt, unbutton the buttons, unzipping the zip and took off the stranger’s pants. The legs had small hairs. The panties were purple, with a small unicorn. No volume. She stopped. “Wait”, she said, “are you a woman or a man?”, she asked confused. “Do I have to be anything?”, the stranger replied. She didn’t reply back. Her mind was rumbling. She had found a stranger in a strange place and now she was in a very strange situation. What best way to end the world, she thought. “I don’t care”, she finally replied, “I just want to fuck a stranger”. “Well, that’s me then”, the stranger replied. “I’ve only been with men”, she said. “Don’t worry”, the stranger replied while grabbing her by the hands and pulling her to the bed, “I think you’ll figure things out pretty quickly”. She stumbles upon the stranger and they kissed. Against her breasts she felt another pair of breasts under the stranger’s shirt. It was so soft. They got up. She undressed the stranger and revealed a pair of small but perky breasts. The nipples where like two fingers pointing in her direction, inviting her gaze and teasing her watery mouth. She went for them like a hungry baby. She sucked the hard nipples like they had the elixir of life. Her tongue flickering them as if they were the sweetest lollipops ever. The stranger moaned in pleasure. Then they kissed again. Her fingers still clinging to the stranger’s now wet nipples. Her other hand sliding down the stranger’s belly until it found a brand new world. She had never touched another vulva before, much less as wet and hot as that was. It was so different from her own. It was definitely strange, but amazing and arousing at the same time. Then suddenly, she was grabbed like a sand bag and thrown to the bed. The stranger took the rest of the clothes off and slid onto her. The two skins became electrified. She was shaking. The stranger caressed her face, her neck, her breasts, her waist, her inner thighs and finally her wet pussy lips. She exhaled deeply. The touch was so soft. The stranger knew exactly where to touch. She wanted that knowledge for so long. None of her husbands had known how to please her right on the first try. But the stranger’s fingers knew how to linger outside her warm vulva until she begged in her head to be fucked by them in the precise moment they slipped inside her. She gasped. She stopped breathing. She was dripping wet. She felt a jolt, like lighting, coming from within. She felt she was on the edge of exploding. The fingers started moving inside her. First slowly, then faster, harder, touching the inside of her pubis with methodical precision. She felt her body expanding. She felt a heat rushing through her like she had never felt before. Her body was spasming uncontrollably. Her mind was traveling at the speed of light. She felt the need to pee. And as the biggest shock of electricity electrocuted her inner organs, she squirted in a monumental orgasm. For several minutes her body was out of control. Her mind was absent. She was riding a giant wave of pleasure. It was overwhelming. It was scary. It was amazing. She screamed. She cursed. She ripped the sheets from the bed. She kicked and punched the air. Her whole body got tense for what it felt like and eternity and then, finally, collapsed. There was silence after the storm. The stranger was quiet, still, like a ghost. She was trying not to faint, gasping for air, staring at the ceiling, blinking in disbelieve. Then she felt a smooth and warm body leaning next to her. “Are you ok?”, she heard. “I don’t know”, she replied. “That’s ok, you’ll get used to it”. “Will I?”, she asked. “If you want”. “Oh, I do”, she said as she fell asleep with a smile, “I definitely do, stranger”.