She #9

She had always been popular. Everyone envied her. She had the looks, the sympathy and the charisma that it’s almost unfair to combine in just one person. She had been a model since she was a baby, for one of those baby food commercials. Then she was a model for children’s clothes, toys and music videos. She had always loved to be in the spotlight. It made her feel special. She had all the attention. She didn’t have to try too hard to get what she wanted, so she never did. A blink, a smile, a kiss, a little bit of passive-aggressiveness and all worked out for her perfectly. She eventually found a boyfriend. A beautiful and successful man. Married. Their life was perfect. Perfectly shallow. After all the make-up, spotlights, fake smiles, fictional joy and script dialogs, there was an ever-growing emotional void. Disconnection. Depression. Every emotion became dark. Fights erupted from the most insignificant argument. Suddenly all real smiles were fake too. No emotion was true. No gesture was honest. No kiss had meaning. There was no actual love, actual relationship. So she got divorced. She was tired of not knowing anything about anything. Truly. Not even herself. After that, she went to live with an opportunist childhood friend and found herself losing everything she had achieved. Years passed. She was working in a high fashion clothing store. One day, a very well dressed older couple came into the store. They were looking for a party dress. She helped them to the dresses section. Subtly, she noticed the man and the woman were more interested in her that on the actual dresses. She didn’t mind. She liked it. She needed it. Something inside her got triggered. The lights in her eyes erupted. She started to purposely position herself to be observed by them. She touched the woman lightly in sensitive areas (the hair, the neck, the inside of the arms, the waist, the curve on her back, her thighs…), while the woman was trying on the dresses. She also leaned over to the man with calculated intention when passing by him. It gave her great pleasure to be contemplated like that again. She missed having an audience to enlighten her existence. And so she made a spectacle of herself. The couple was mesmerised. They were lingering in her every breath, every look, every word, every gesture, every posture. Their eyes were filled with ascending desire. She had them on the tip of her fingertips. Or so she thought. Right after the couple paid for the dress, the woman gave her a card. A simple white card with a phone number. And without saying another word, they left. She stared at the card. Smiled. Told her colleague. They laughed and made jokes, imagining what could that mean. Was that a business card or was it an invitation? Was it the woman’s idea or the man’s? Were they one of those couples who are open to be with other people? She wanted to know. She really wanted to know. So, late at night, she sent a message to the phone number. “Hello”, she wrote, “are you the couple at the store this afternoon?” She waited. There was no reply. Maybe they weren’t so interested in her after all, she thought. She waited some more. Then she fell asleep. The next day, still no answer. “Why haven’t they answered?”, she thought. They were clearly interested. Were they playing hard to get? She was the one that should be playing hard to get. She wasn’t going to say anything more. Or maybe they were waiting for a call instead of a simple message. Or maybe they just went somewhere where they couldn’t get connection. Or maybe… Suddenly, a beep, a message on her phone. “Yes”, the message said. “Yes!”, she said out loud. Another beep. “Would you like to meet us for a drink?”, the next message said. “Yes!”, she said. “Yes”, she wrote. “Why so desperate?”, she thought. Another beep. “Great”, the new message read, “meet us tonight at the Grand Hotel”. “Ok”, she replied. “What am I going to wear?”, she immediately thought. “I know exactly what I’m going to wear”, she immediately replied to herself. So, that night, she took a cab to the Grand Hotel and walked in like she owned the building. The couple was waiting for her at one of the venue’s tables. She approached them. The man got up and helped her take off her coat. She sat down. Her tight dress lifted several centimetres above her knees. Her long legs crossed. The man ordered a drink. She stared at the woman. The woman was drinking hers, and stared back. The tension rose. The man was telling jokes, trying to break the ice, but she was focused on the woman. That woman, dressed with a very light and short white tunic and furry coat, was eating her with her eyes. She felt embarrassed. She had been the object of desire for so many people but she had never felt that sexual intensity, especially from another woman. It was too much for her. So she broke eye contact and focussed on the man. She laughed at his jokes, told some herself, talked about her life as a model, told them how adventurous she was, how open was her mind and how she loved new experiences. She felt like she was in a casting. “Do you like role-plays?”, the woman asked bluntly, without smiling. “Well, I actually feel that’s what I’ve been doing all my life”, she replied. “No”, the woman said, “you were just a doll, a puppet, a shell with no soul, there was no content, no real emotion”. She was stunned. “Let’s go upstairs”, said the woman, putting her drink down and getting up. “Bring the suitcase, dear”, the woman added. The man put his drink down, reached to the left of his little sofa and pulled out a small black leather bag. They got up and started walking to the elevator. She drank the rest of her drink in one big swallow and followed. The elevator ride was dead silent. After the bing, the doors opened. They walked through the corridors like rats in a maze. The smooth carpet floor hushed their footsteps. She felt like floating. They arrived at the bedroom. The man opened the door and let them in first. The woman sat on the bed. The man stood beside her. She was scared and excited at the same time. “You are going to be our daughter tonight”, the woman said. “What?”, she replied. “You are going to be our daughter, just for tonight”, the man said. “What do you mean?”, she replied. “It means that this night, you are going to behave like you were our daughter”, the woman said calmly. “Our virgin daughter”, the man added. “Virgin”, she asked, “why virgin?”. “Because tonight is the night were you are going to lose your virginity”, the woman said while staring at her with a subtle smile in her lips. “Are you crazy?”, she asked. “Can you handle this role-play?”, the woman asked, emotionless. She looked into the woman’s eyes. They didn’t blink. “What is this”, she asked, “are you going to rape me?”. “No”, the man said promptly, “not at all. A role-play is the challenge of becoming someone else, we just like to add a kinky flavour to it”. “Do you get off on that?”, she asked. “Very much”, the woman answered. “So why don’t you just do it among yourselves, then”, she replied. “We do it all the time”, the man said. “We just loved your performance at the store yesterday”, the woman added, “you almost convinced us you were trying to seduce us. But you weren’t, were you?”, the man asked without waiting for an answer, “you just pretended to be, so we could buy that very expensive dress, isn’t that right?”. “No, I mean, yes, I mean, I love the attention, that’s it”, she tried to say without stuttering but failed, “all my life I got used to be the centre of attention, and I do it all the time, with everyone around me”. “Yes, but that’s too easy for you, isn’t it, there are no consequences when there are no emotions involved, are they?”, the woman asked. She didn’t reply. The woman lifted her hand and the man put the black leather bag on the bed, opening it in the same movement. He took out a schoolgirl outfit that he laid out on the bed. She smiled nervously. That was just ridiculous. “Do you want me to wear a costume?”, she asked. “This is not a costume”, the woman answered, “this was the dress I wore when I lost my virginity”. “Ok, this is just too weird for me, I think I’ll better leave”, she said, uncomfortably. The man took the bag and turned it upside down over the bed. A massive stack of 500 euros bills fell from the bag. “We’ll pay you fifty thousand euros to do this”, the woman said calmly, “consider it the best paying job you’ve ever had”. She looked at the cash and then to the woman. The woman’s eyes were fixed on her so intensely that she felt it in her soul. She looked at the cash again, covering the schoolgirl dress. The man was standing beside the bed, like a guardian. “Why do you want this?”, she finally asked. “That is not your concern”, the woman said, “the question is why would you do it”. Well… that… that’s a lot of money”, she replied. “That is the wrong reason”, the woman said, “you will not enjoy anything if you only do it for the money”. “For that kind of money I don’t need to enjoy it”, she replied with a greedy smile. “That is the answer of a true shallow person”, the woman said, “the money is not to buy your emotions, it’s to buy your interest in investing in your emotions. If money is more important to you than to experience the truth of life and pleasure, then you are not the person we are looking for, and we are sorry for bringing you here”. “But why are you showing me all that money?”, she asked. “To make you think”, the woman said, “to make you realise that you prefer to sell yourself than to be yourself”. “But I am being myself”, she replied, “I don’t need to pretend I am your virgin daughter to be myself”. “No, you don’t need that”, the woman said, “but to this day you haven’t been able to be anything more than a shallow version of yourself, so you definitely need something”. “And we are offering you something”, the man added. She looked at him. Then she looked to the woman again. They were both staring at her, like two gazing statues. She looked at the money and the dress. “What do I do?”, she thought. The whole situation was so appealing to her on so many levels, but she felt overwhelmed with questions. This was the reason she got divorced. This was the reason she had completely changed her life. This was the reason she had the courage to send a message to a strange phone number. This was the reason she followed a strange couple to a hotel room. She wanted to be challenged. She wanted to feel something intense, something real. And the money definitely made her stop and think. What she had to lose was nothing compared to what she had to gain. “Ok”, she said finally, “I’ll do it”. “Why?”, the woman asked. She froze. She wasn’t expecting a question back. She thought for a moment. “Because I want to feel alive”, she answered. “Would you do it even if we don’t pay you?”, the woman asked again. She froze again. “Hum…yes, but…”, she said. “Very well, change your clothes and meet us at the bar downstairs”, the woman said, got up and left the room with the man behind her. Thirty minutes later, she entered the bar wearing the schoolgirl outfit. She approached the couple. They were having a drink. She sat beside them. The waiter brought her an orange juice with a straw. She drank. It had vodka in it. She drank more rapidly. Suddenly, a man arrived at the table. The couple greeted him and presented her as their daughter. The man looked at her and smiled. They sat down. They talked. She drank two more glasses of her special orange juice and tried to make all the dirty innocent innuendos she could thorough the conversation, which made her look even more naive. Her “parents” were pleased. Then they got up. She stumbled a little. The big man helped her and took her by the arm. They followed the couple. They all went up to the room. They all got in. The woman sat on the bed and called for her. She walked to the bed. The woman started touching her and describing her features, from the long legs to the small perky breast. The woman’s hands streamed every line of her body. She started shivering. The woman opened her shirt and revealed her small pink bra. Then lifted her skirt and revealed her small pink panties. She wasn’t paying attention to what was being said because of the orange juice effect, but by the time the woman was caressing her between the legs she heard “and she’s a virgin”. She instinctively looked at the man. The man, a tall, strongly built man, was smiling. “So may I have the honour?”, he asked. “By all means”, the woman answered, and stood up beside her. The man approached her and grabbed her. He started to kiss her. At first she didn’t kiss back, but then she started to feel an urge to enjoy that moment and did. She could tell the man knew what he was doing. He hugged her and she fell on his arms. He then picked her up to put her in the bed. He started to undress her with precise gestures. She felt shivers going down her spine like it was really her first time in bed with a man. Ashamed, she looked to the side and saw the woman, her “mother”, sucking her “father’s” cock, right next to her. Her mind started racing. She turned her head again, focussing on that big man that was climbing on top of her, already naked, like a rock mountain of warm flesh. “Are you ready for this, child?”, the man asked. “N… no”, she answered, like the scared child she felt she was. “But do you want it?”, the man asked with a soft smile, sliding his shaft up and down the entrance of her vulva, rubbing the tip of his dick on her clitoris. “Hum…”, she moaned, “I… hum… I… yes… yes, I do”, she finally said, her eyes rolling back with uncontrollable desire. He entered her with a strong thrust and she screamed. He laugh out loud and continued to penetrate her. His cock felt huge inside her. She hadn’t been fucked properly for so long that she really felt like it was her first time again. She had forgot how pleasurable it was to feel that kind of pain. As the man continued, she felt more at ease with his pace and his size. She felt more and more lubricated. She started to enjoy it and suddenly she felt the need to take control. So she pushed the big man and turned him over. Then she mounted him. He was ecstatic, with a big smile on his face. She then grabbed his cock and inserted it inside her dripping hole. They both exhaled with pleasure. She started ridding it with all the joy in the world. Now she really wanted to be fucked by that big, strong man. From the corner of her eye, she saw her “parents” fucking each other against the wall. It made her even more excited. They were both looking at her, feeding off the image of their “daughter” losing her virginity and taking control of her sexuality. She was so excited that she had a though and smiled. “Mom, dad, come fuck me too”, she said. The couple looked at her perplexed. “Come”, she said again, getting off the big man’s cock and spreading herself on the bed. “Come fuck your daughter’s pussy”, she said, masturbating in front of them. The couple went to the bed. The “mother” started licking her pussy and the “father” gave her his cock for her to suck. Then she looked at the man and told him to fuck her mother while she was licking her. He got up and started pounding the woman. The four of them seemed like a lubricated machine. But then she wanted one last thing. “Do you want to fuck me, father?”, she asked. “Yes, darling”, he replied, “I want to fuck you so much”. So she positioned herself to be fucked from behind, while her “mother” sucked the life out of the big man. “Can I drink your milk, father?”, she asked finally. “Yes, my girl”, come and suck it all from me, the man told her. “Come mom, let’s drink father together”, she invited. And they both got on their knees in front of him as he exploded in their faces with the most intense ejaculation they had ever seen. “Mother” and “daughter” kissed, happily. Then the stranger man also came, uncontrollably, in their kissing mouths. After that, they all collapsed on the bed. And then there was only silence. After several minutes, and without a word, the strange man got dressed and left. “Welcome to the real world”, said the woman, breaking the silence. “Thank you, mother”, she replied, “it was a pleasure.”